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Trust our Team to Deliver Quality New Customer Leads & Protect Your Brand Online


No Sales Pitch Here. Just Honest expectations.

Why Work With Us?

We’re a team of seasoned marketers, not salesmen. 


Accurate Reporting

We don’t fluff the numbers with blended reporting. Transparency builds trust.


That Convert

Ramp up to max market share with proven ad copy that customers love.


Dedicated Landing Pages

Evolved through millions of clicks to outperform any landing page in the industry.


Daily Review & Adjustments

Small changes everyday adds up to BIG results. Consistency drive success. 



What works today may not work tomorrow. We quietly test variations that keep you ahead of the curve.


Prompt Communication

You call. We answer.

The differences matter

What Sets Us Apart

You probably found us by referral. Beyond performance and numbers, you can expect…

Working with us


– Cost Per Click
– Conversion Rate
– Cost/Unique Call or Form
– Average Talk Time

– The minimum starting budget should be $300/day M-F or about $6000/month. This gives us enough flow of click & search term data to improve your account.

Of course! We are available by phone 7 days a week. You just give us a call and we adjust your budget immediatly.

We bill monthly. Although accounts with poor conversion rates will receive a discount of up to 100%.

– Many factors go into this – brand, reputation, competition, time of year, budget. A fair general statement is this:
– 25% see healthy, profitable performance month 1
– 25% take 2 months
– 50% take 3-4 months – An example would be a company starting in a major metro with a small budget. It’s just a grind to collect the data & improve the account in these scenarios. YES!.. We can get you successful. We’re happy to go into detail as to WHY it takes time.

All of our staff are in the US. We respect all the great marketers across the world, but we’ve had best outcomes for our clients with a US team.

Searchlight & Call Tracking Metrics. You’ll also have access to the google analytics data.

– 85%+ of calls are new customers you can market to for years
– Maximize Capturing Demand In Your Market.
– Steal Market Share Away from Competitors
– High Demand Calls Mean High ROI Potential
– Amplify Your Google Business Profile with Sponsored Ads
– Protect Your Brand
– Quickly Scale a Company

We are experts with:

  • Plumbing
  • HVAC
  • Electrical
  • Garage Door
  • Painting

Have an industry not listed above? Give us a call, we like new challenges!

We send you a checklist of assets and information we need. Once we have the information, we get busy building your new google ads account, PPC website and setup all the tracking.

Yes. We charge a $2500 onboarding fee per market and trade to cover the cost of building a dedicated PPC website and to build out a complete Google ad account build. We offer multi-trade and multi-trade discounts.

You don't want to get a call from Carol in Accounting. She's a tough old bird.

There are limited aspects that can be modified on our landing pages. Our team carefully matches the colors and creates custom graphics for your PPC website, but the overall layout and elements cannot be changed. That’s because we have tested hundreds of variations and layouts and landed on an extremely reliable, high converting template. 

Our website development team has bailed some of our clients out of major malware infections and spam bot attacks.

We’re specialists. The truth is, no agency is great at EVERYTHING. We aim to be the very best at 1 thing – Pay Per Click marketing. This approach is one of the many reasons clients choose us to scale their business.

Not Every Relationship Works

Why Clients Leave Us

Missed calls & poor objection handling are some of the most common problems that go unresolved. We will likely identify this as an issue early on and provide advice. It’s up to the client to make call center changes though.

Certain markets are insanely competitive. Competition drives cost per click. We’ll discuss realistic budgets and expectations with you during our initial consultation. 

We have a service to help eliminate this, but some competitors and markets are more ruthless than others.

We encourage all companies we work with to sign up for Searchlight.

Certain markets are insanely competitive. Competition drives cost per click. We’ll discuss realistic budgets and expectations with you during our initial consultation. 

Sadly, this is usually tied to a lower quality brand or a poor choice of branding. We’ve seen perfectly good companies struggle because of a terrible company name  or theme. 

Our Pricing Plans

Predictable Marketing Fees

If you’re not making money, we don’t make money. We’re in it together.

0 +
Million managed
$2500 Setup Fee
up to $4000 in monthly Spend



/ month
$2500 Setup Fee
up to $20,000 in PPC Spend



/ month
$2500 Setup Fee
Unlimited spend



/ month
A Few Words

About Us

Dedicated to Giving You Our Best.

Over the last 15 years we’ve crafted a unique Pay Per Click strategy that delivers 4x the industry standard Return On Investment. 

Worry-Free Guarantee

It’s rare, but if for some reason your campaign isn’t delivering, we will rebuild and readjust every element until the results meet our standard – at NO COST TO YOU.

Leadership Team

Forrest Perry  | Kristine Contento | Sho Woods

It's Starts with a Conversation

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